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Excerpt 84

She waited for him to laugh.  He didn’t, of course.  She had never been hiking in her life.  Her parents had always owned property in areas where cars were needed and knew all of the valets very well.  He certainly didn’t look like the hiking type either with his suit and watch and perfect hair.

Still though, she was off the line, and being there meant embracing adventure.  Just because she hadn’t done it, did not mean it wasn’t worth doing.

“Sure, sounds great. Do you need to borrow some clothes?” She thought about how wrong it was to offer him some of Emmanuel’s clothes while he wasn’t even supposed to be in the house at all.

“I have some things in the trunk. I’ll be right back.”

She waited for the front door to swing shut before bolting upstairs to find something suitable for the day’s agenda. She looked out the window.  It seemed warm and mild, but she was terrible at choosing climate appropriate attire.  It seemed that every time Ala wore a strappy dress at the season’s first sign of sun, grayness and a monsoon type storm would break out moments after leaving her house.

She would need decent walking shoes, which she didn’t have with her. Or, didn’t own at all in this point in time.  She had gotten into the terrible habit of riding her bicycle in flats or worse, flip flops and was lucky she hadn’t broken her ankle.  She pulled a netted red sweater out of her suitcase.  She had purchased on sale for sailing and thought it may do well on the hike.  She found a slightly wrinkled pair of tan shorts that hit just above her knee with a wide brown leather belt. Now for shoes.  There was not a solution in sight, or at least, one she could see in her frantic, blinding haste, coupled with the slight nausea she had developed from falling in love.


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segment 35

“You’re saying living in the city right now isn’t possible.”

“It’s not part of my plans, no.”

“Well, here,” He said, taking an envelope out of his breast pocket and holding it in front of her.  “All the information is in here.  I would go through it with you, but I’m late for a lunch meeting.”

She took the packet and nodded.

“I’ll read it over.”

“Great,” he said, gesturing to the hallway.  “Let me know if you have any questions.”

She walked down the steps, wondering if she had overacted and seemed ungrateful at his offer.

The sky had grayed during the short visit with Emmanuel and Ala was cold without a sweater.  He lifted a day coat over his shoulders, folded his sunglasses and put them in his pocket.

“Would you like a ride home?”

“No, I’ll be all right.  Thanks.”

They parted and went opposite ways down the block.  Ala suddenly became very aware of the envelope in her hands.  She wanted to rip it open right there and see what Emmanuel could possibly be thinking with his proposal.  She realized he could still see her and knew she would have to wait until she got home.  It was as if having to urinate or scratch an itch. She almost couldn’t control her curiosity.

She walked through the front door and heard clamoring in the kitchen.

“Ala? Is that you?”

“Yes,”  she said, heading in to talk to her mother.  Now the envelope would have to wait. She had wanted to ask where her parents had been all night and all today, but all she cared about was reading what was inside of the envelope.

“Are you still having Gertrude over for dinner?”

Ala had completely forgotten.  Gertrude was her best friend, out of everyone she knew, who she still hadn’t seen sconce moving back. She couldn’t cancel. She rushed up the stairs and locked the letter in her nightstand drawer.  She had to start cooking, so the letter would have to wait.


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