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Excerpt 86

There was a low breeze that brushed across her ankles as she trudged upwards.  He had a long stride and a determination toward the direction they were headed.  This was a new side to him, who up until now had not seemed rushed to do anything.

She started to feel warm and was sure to take deep breaths.  The heat was intensifying and she realized they had not brought any water with them. She never thought about drinking water, but always grew panicky when none was available.

They stopped in a shaded area next to a small stream.  She perched on a rock and the icy cold released of some of the pent up heat.  He opened the canvas bag and took out the bread.  They ate and listened to the birds flap around in the branches.  The preserves, though warmed, still tasted refreshing like summer fruit always had to her.

“After we’re finished with this, do you want to see a really great view?”

“Yes,” she said, nodding and tucking some crumbs into her mouth with her tongue.

“We’ll have to climb a little.”

“I don’t mind.”  She wiggled her feet around in her shoes.   There was no pain, but there was a gritty sweat in some of the creases and she was concerned about blisters forming.

He took her hand and the started in east, up to a small cleft with rock jutting in and out through the middle . She saw what he was thinking.  It would be easy to climb up this way instead of going all the way around the base and facing a steep incline.

“You go first and I’ll get behind you in case you slip.”

She nodded and began by stepping her foot into a small crevice for leverage before reaching both hands to grip the brittle stone and hoist herself up.  Lifting her body weight was not something she had tried before and proved to be difficult when not being able to stop or rest or lean back for support.  She became terrified when it was time to reach for the next rock.  She didn’t trust the bottoms of her shoes to grip properly.

She closed her eyes and reached. Her fingers shook, but she was able to pull hard enough for her left foot to find the next step without her looking.  She heard his quiet grunting behind her and tried to climb a little bit faster.

“How am I doing?” She said between panting.

“Just fine. We’re almost at the top Ala,” he said.

She smiled when she heard how he said her name with adoration in his voice.  Seconds later,  her mind flooded when she understood that she was climbing up the side of a mountain with a man he had spent the night with, and had no idea what his name might be.


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