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Excerpt 94

“No reason to ruin a night,” he said, stepping back slightly.

Ala looked at her watch. It was nine-thirty.  She wouldn’t be able to find a train or bus at this hour, and a flight would be too expensive.

“You’re right.”

“You don’t want to eat at all?” He said, taking hold of her elbow and rubbing his thumb against the rough part.  “You barely had anything today.”

She had nearly blacked out from not eating earlier in the day, which caused his wallet to be stolen.

“I should have something,” she said.

“Come on, you’re all worked up.”

They walked back to the car.  The commotion throughout the lot had died down and Ala no longer cared what it was about.

Danno drove with his window down and put his arm on the back of her seat, suggesting she curl up against him.  She did and wasn’t comfortable at first, until she found the right angle for her back.

He took her to a small grass green house that served fried chicken.

“How do you know about all of these places?” She asked, looking at the cream-colored eyelet curtains and the porcelain pendant lamps.

“I don’t know how to cook,” he said, flipping the menu over, “I eat out a lot.”

“It’s so sweet.”

They ordered fried pickles and what was called a “Barrel O’Chicken”, which was really just a standard sized bucket, with Long Island Iced Teas.

Ala found herself eating the chicken with her hands quickly, not caring about what she must’ve looked like.

“So, you’re taking off tomorrow?” He said, peeling wet white meat from a breast bone.

She had forgotten.  Her attention span had thinned.  She still felt so happy and at the same time, listless, and unable to focus on any task or information.

“I have to take a short trip to visit a friend. I’ll only be gone a few days.”

“If I didn’t have to work, I’d tag along.”

She smiled.  He had no idea about Jase.  Maybe it was a terrible idea to keep that part of her life from Danno.  It could be wrong to not tell him she was going to see an ex boyfriend whom she had thought she was going to marry.

Then again, Danno had not asked to be exclusive.  Even though she could feel the corners of her mind folding in around the idea of just him for the rest of her life, did not mean he felt the same.

A stab hit her temple under her skin and she looked down at some of the breading she had removed from the pickle. He placed his hand over hers.

“How do you feel about coming back to me after you do what you have to do?”

She looked up. She didn’t want to read into what he was asking so she searched his eyes and could tell he wasn’t making anything up.

“I would like that,” she said, smiling.

He nodded.

“Good. We’ll figure everything out as soon as your trip is done.”

It took every bit of shame she had to wait. She lunged on top of him as soon as they were back inside Emmanuel’s house.  She didn’t know if it was the booze at dinner, but felt ferocious, as if this was the last night she would ever see Danno again.  He soothed her and tried to get her to slow down with little success.

Their clothes ended up ripped and all over the house.  She realized what it was to live indecently and how easy it was to like. She knocked over a lamp on the nightstand that luckily did not break.  And at that point, she succumbed to his method out of fear of burning down the house.

Afterwards, he passed out and she stayed up, watching his face rise and fall on her bare chest. She couldn’t think about being away from him. She always couldn’t think about Jase’s mother dying.  She couldn’t think about the two worlds meeting in her mind.  She thought about insanity and being locked up.  Thought about bars over windows and large plastic bags full if liquid, hooked up to needles, hooked up to her.


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Excerpt 87

She could see the top of the rock wall, the swirly blue up far ahead and the sun exposing the surface.  She planted her palm  and lifted her other hand to push down with everything she had.  She felt his hand under her foot, giving her a boost up.  She got her knee up, with only a slight scrape, and collapsed once three quarters of her trembling body was safe on top. She did not have the strength to turn and offer him her hand.

He was right behind her and when reaching the top, did not collapse, but instead took several deep breaths.  He helped her up to her feet. While his scent made her blush and his hand on her waist made her feel weepy with love, she couldn’t stop the spinning behind her eyes.

“Hey,” she said, short spurts of air coming through her dry mouth, “What’s your name?”


“Your name is Danno?”


She was sure she hadn’t heard right.

“What kind of name is Danno?”

He laughed.

“We’re not playing this game again, are we?”

She laughed too, and quickly felt her knees start to give in.

“I’m going to faint.”

“No, don’t do that. Just breathe. That was a bit of a workout.”

She nodded and sucked in and out. But this was different discomfort from the over exertion that came with strenuous activity.  The pain was in her abdomen as well.  If she had not had her appendix removed three winters ago, she would have thought it was bursting inside of her.

“I really–I really am going to.”

His grip tightened on her arm and her waist.

“Here, let’s have you rest here.”There was a clearing with some moss strewn across the damp caramel colored dirt.  He took off his jacket and lied it smooth before easing her down.  “We should have brought water,” he said.

She nodded and turned on her side out of habit.  The throbbing intensified.  She held on to his hand.

“This isn’t right.  Something isn’t right.”

“I shouldn’t have pushed, Ala. I feel like a jerk.”

“I’ll be okay, I just need dome rest.” His face blurred as she closed her eyes.  She felt his body curve to fit hers and his hand pushed the sweaty matted hair off of her forehead.

“I can call someone if you’d like.”

“No,” she said, thinking of her parents.  She would not ruin this time with him. Her parents would make her go to the hospital.  They would make her end the best summer of her life.  “I’ll be fine. Just stay.”

She heard his chuckle.

“Where else would I go?”

“I don’t know, Danno” she whispered and then chuckled too.  She had to be in and out of sleep. No one’s name was Danno.  No one she had met, or even heard of.  No one drove Aston Martin’s either though.  And no one made her love them in less than one day.

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Excerpt 85

She settled on some boat shoes she had bought the summer before.  They felt a little stretched out and loosely dropped down her heel as she walked, but they would have to do.  She couldn’t spend all day getting dressed for a hike.

Ala found him in the kitchen smearing some kind of preserves she didn’t recognize onto the two heels of the bread.  There was also cheese wrapped in waxed paper, a cut up apple in a baggie, a bottle of wine and a wedge of pate wrapped in plastic lying on the counter.

She picked up the pate.

“Will this be good in the heat?”

He stopped spreading and looked at her.

“Are you afraid?”

She smiled and went into the pantry to find a bag.  She put everything into a canvas satchel and zipped it closed.  She carried it to the foyer, where she found her purse, and retrieved her sunglasses.  She heard him locking the back door and her heart quivered.  They certainly were playing house.  He was taking the time to take care of a house that he was not even supposed to step foot in.

The car was sweltering and he immediately turned the dial all the way up so the cool air blasted their faces.  She melted against the headrest as he drove past her parent’s house.  She didn’t bother looking to see if they were home.  She felt very adult and really didn’t need, or care, to know what anyone else was up to today.

He drove along the water for as long as possible, then veered toward the highway that curved toward the hills.  She held her breath and inched her hand over to his. He snatched it up instantly.

He parked on the side of a very steep and rocky hill, partially covered with little green sprouts, and made sure to activate the parking brake.  She grabbed the bag of food and secured the leather laces, which were more of a decoration than functional part of the shoe, before skipping to catch up to him.

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