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She felt tears stinging her eyes and decided it was time to head back before the heat became unbearable.  She picked up her speed on the asphalt and blazed ahead, making sure to focus on one object and keep running toward it.  In this case it was the steeple of the church along the main road.  She thought of Emmanuel’s offer.  Surely it couldn’t have been real. Or if it was, it couldn’t be legitimate.  He couldn’t possibly have that kind of money to throw around.  If she were to participate in something illegal and be caught, she would have no where to hide, especially since people already thought she was going off the deep end because of her breakup.

Her ankle began to cramp up.  She should not be running for this long, and far, her first time out.  She kept going.  She wondered how many people actually started out in a legitimate way.  This money would be a fantastic step for her in terms of going to the temple, moving out of her parents house and really beginning her life.  This could be a way of someone deciding it was her turn to catch a break.

It had to be wrong though.  And there were taxes.  How would she explain the money after being out of work?  What would her parents believe?  They would think she was his concubine for the summer.  Everyone would think that was sleeping with Emmanuel for the money.  Everyone would talk.

She reached her front door and lied down on the deck, feeling the sweat run from her hairline, down her cheeks and to the back of her neck.  She did not think she would be drenched and didn’t want to drip going through the foyer.  She walked around to the backyard and went through the screen door.


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