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Excerpt 87

She could see the top of the rock wall, the swirly blue up far ahead and the sun exposing the surface.  She planted her palm  and lifted her other hand to push down with everything she had.  She felt his hand under her foot, giving her a boost up.  She got her knee up, with only a slight scrape, and collapsed once three quarters of her trembling body was safe on top. She did not have the strength to turn and offer him her hand.

He was right behind her and when reaching the top, did not collapse, but instead took several deep breaths.  He helped her up to her feet. While his scent made her blush and his hand on her waist made her feel weepy with love, she couldn’t stop the spinning behind her eyes.

“Hey,” she said, short spurts of air coming through her dry mouth, “What’s your name?”


“Your name is Danno?”


She was sure she hadn’t heard right.

“What kind of name is Danno?”

He laughed.

“We’re not playing this game again, are we?”

She laughed too, and quickly felt her knees start to give in.

“I’m going to faint.”

“No, don’t do that. Just breathe. That was a bit of a workout.”

She nodded and sucked in and out. But this was different discomfort from the over exertion that came with strenuous activity.  The pain was in her abdomen as well.  If she had not had her appendix removed three winters ago, she would have thought it was bursting inside of her.

“I really–I really am going to.”

His grip tightened on her arm and her waist.

“Here, let’s have you rest here.”There was a clearing with some moss strewn across the damp caramel colored dirt.  He took off his jacket and lied it smooth before easing her down.  “We should have brought water,” he said.

She nodded and turned on her side out of habit.  The throbbing intensified.  She held on to his hand.

“This isn’t right.  Something isn’t right.”

“I shouldn’t have pushed, Ala. I feel like a jerk.”

“I’ll be okay, I just need dome rest.” His face blurred as she closed her eyes.  She felt his body curve to fit hers and his hand pushed the sweaty matted hair off of her forehead.

“I can call someone if you’d like.”

“No,” she said, thinking of her parents.  She would not ruin this time with him. Her parents would make her go to the hospital.  They would make her end the best summer of her life.  “I’ll be fine. Just stay.”

She heard his chuckle.

“Where else would I go?”

“I don’t know, Danno” she whispered and then chuckled too.  She had to be in and out of sleep. No one’s name was Danno.  No one she had met, or even heard of.  No one drove Aston Martin’s either though.  And no one made her love them in less than one day.


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segment 30

“I’m a big fan.  Only in the summer though.  What made you come back?”

She glanced down at her watch and realized now it really was late. She got up quickly.

“I really do have to go.  Thank you very much for the drink.”

He stood up and gave her a light bow.  He then shook her hand.

“My pleasure.  Maybe I’ll see you around.”

She turned and walked quickly out of the bar, making sure to not look back.

Driving home she felt slightly disappointed that he hadn’t put up much of a fight when she finally did leave.  She supposed he had put himself on the line enough, by insisting on the drink, and didn’t want to look desperate.

She noticed something gleaming sharply in the sunlight on the side of the curb.  She pulled over and walked up to the objet.  Face side down, the silver was very hot when she picked it up and held it in her hand. She instantly recognized the initials, H.A., as her mothers.  This was her mother’s keychain.  The design was a pink shoe and her friend had given it to her for Christmas a few years ago after a nasty bout with breast cancer.

What were her mother’s keys doing on the side of the road three blocks away from the house?  Ala didn’t have time to look around for anything else. She got back into her car and drove the rest of the way home.  She walked into a quiet house that seemed to be untouched since she had left in the morning.

She ripped a dry-cleaning bag from a blue sheath dress hanging in her closet,  and quickly stepped into it.  The dress she wore to the track was stained with sweat and would have to be cleaned.

She decided she would need a resume and knew she didn’t have any printed out, because she hadn’t looked for a job in years.  The resume she had saved didn’t even have her last job description on it, but would have to do.  She routed through a box and found the hard drive that she knew had the document saved on it.  She ran into her father’s office.  She hit the power button and waited for the machine to start up.  A box asked for a password.

“Easy”, she said, as she typed in ALA123, which was her father’s password for just about everything. She was denied access.  She tried again, this time using all lowercase characters.  The same.  She hit the desk with her open palm. Why would the password be different? It had been the same for every account for as long as she could remember.  Frustrated, she flew down the steps, nearly twisting her ankle, and grabbed her purse on the way out.

She walked down the street to Emmanuel’s house and when she arrived at the address, could not believe what she saw. The house that was previously on the lot was torn down and replaced with what looked like a villa.The front door was wide open and she heard some kind of calypso music coming from inside.

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