segment 2

This was also perhaps the closest up she had ever seen male genitalia and instantly felt grimy because she was doing so in such a public place.  This after all, was a place for the elderly to come and look at the newspaper or children to join the summer reading challenge. Not a place for smut.  In fact, even in a town as small as Pilkington, say 30,000, Ala could think of a lot of dirty places where people might exchange and discuss photos such as the one staring her in the face.  The parking lot behind the supermarket, where boys wait to collect carts, was definitely a possibility.  Also, the park a few blocks over, where tweens had sex in the slides during the night, was also the place for this kind of picture.

She took a few more moments to study the image before reaching around the side of the monitor and pushing the button that shut down the machine.  She thinks of telling a librarian on duty, but decides it’s no use.  It would only call attention to her and she didn’t want that many people in town finding out she was back from Boston.  Being away for less than a year sounded strange, especially in a place where people hardly ever moved away.


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